Shower Manifestations & Shower Prayers

The Gift that keeps on giving!

Help support my ministry! - Made in Australia with ❤️ SHOWER MANIFESTATIONS are prayers and affirmations, and they are a great way of praying and affirming something and adding prayer to your daily routine. You can attach these affirmations and prayers in the shower as they have water safe materials or place them almost anywhere in your home as they come with a suction cup accessory.

An affirmation is really anything you say or think, and repeating affirmations are a great way to speak to the creator!


You are about to transform your life by speaking and thinking the positive affirmations designed for you.

STEP 1: Affix your affirmations in the shower, bathroom mirror, glass surface or refrigerator.

STEP 2: When you have found the perfect place for your Shower Manifestations tune into the changes, repeat the phrases in order or think them in your mind, feel the meaning of the phrase, implant it in the subconscious, and reinforce the words with an unquestioning faith.

STEP 3: For better results change your affirmations weekly or move them to a different location.

STEP 4: Remember it takes time from the first declaration to the final demonstration to manifest your dreams.

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